Lester & The Hoax ‘I Want You to Haunt Me’

Lester Smiley brings his low-fi catchy tunes back home. A year ago he said goodbye to the group The Moon Knights, a staple at underground artist events in and around Anchorage, and journeyed to Portland. Smiley now returns with the band, Lester and the Hoax, and a new album ‘I Want You to Haunt Me’.

The CD release, Oct. 25, was held at Phyllis’? Salmon Bake, a venue that provided an intimate setting,? which encouraged connection between the band and the eager audience.?

Only a limited 50 copies of “I Want You to Haunt Me” are being sold.

The album would be a perfict soundtrack to a raucous and playful pillow fight.

Smiley’s storyteller-inspired vocals wrap around catchy guitar licks lay together on a bed of simple, yet enthusiastic rhythyms, decorated with a variety of instruments and eccentric electronic sounds.

The majority of the songs beseech the listener to get up and dance around, preferably in socks on a slippery floor, such as the title song, as well as my personal favorite? “Gone to Stay”.? Other songs, such as “Undiscovered” experiment with noise immersion and illustrates the feeling of frustration alluded to in the lyrics.

While enjoying this album, take the time to listen closely to Smiley’s choice of words and phases. The contemplative songwriting supplies nuggets of literary joy. Each song recreates a narrative of meaningful moments in Smiley’s life or the lives of close friends.

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This is an album perfectly suited to late night group projects when positive, productive energy needs to continue to flow.