Lemon Drop: so delicious, you can’t stop

Do you like the kick of a plain martini, but also enjoy fruitier flavors? The Lemon Drop martini is a glorious cocktail and fits those parameters to a tee.

Pour a shot and a half of vodka, half a shot of triple sec, a teaspoon of the superfine sugar and three-fourths a shot of lemon juice into a shaker with ice, shake like crazy and then strain into a martini glass to whip up this easy number. It goes down fairly easy as well.

The tip is sweet, but holds just a bit of citrusy tang that feels fresh and light. The vodka kick hits at about mid-tongue, where it morphs the drink’s flavor into something a bit more sour and weighty but still maintains its fresh first impression. The end and aftertaste are pleasant, with the freshness of the lemon and orange, courtesy of the triple sec, strong enough to negate most of the burn that typically occurs after sipping on vodka-based drinks.

The drink is sweet enough, and the lemon and orange flavors strong enough, that you can’t really taste the telltale vodka flavor. This makes the drink more enjoyable, and you’ll likely want another. Make sure to have a full stomach and some water, though, or else a few of these deliciously deceptive drinks could end up knocking you off your feet.