Leftover Crack can’t do nothing for you man

Far away from the realm of skilled musicians, the band mates Ezra Crack, Ara Crack, Alec Crack and Sporty Lice created the group Leftover Crack. Do these guys smoke crack? You'll probably think so after listening to their recently released album, “Mediocre Generica.” Listeners will get a scattered taste of metal, punk, ska and even jazz. Sounds sort of cool huh? It's not. These guys have more styles than they have skills to handle. Leftover Crack plays metal songs that are so bad, they're depressing. The sixth track, NC, literally consists of three distorted chords played in the same order. Other songs like Burning in Water offer no more than a couple of disposable metal riffs. Ezra's vocals, which consit of cheesy screams that bear a scary resemblance to Twisted Sister, don't compliment these songs at all.

The crack also offers an instrumental on this album. Yahoo. It's randomly placed notes overlapped by a single piercing note on a keyboard. The point of an instrumental is to demonstrate the bands full potential of their instruments, but not in this case. Maybe they should have named the band “Leftover Talent.”

To make matters worse, Leftover Crack tries to integrate a light finish of classical piano in a couple of their songs. I think they were attempting to be versatile. It's too bad death metal and Mozart just don't mix.

The one good thing that comes out of “Mediocre Generica” is the band's ability to play “ska-core,” which is punk rock, mixed with the fast paced sound of ska music. Leftover Crack fuses fast and crunchy riffs with horns, creating upbeat and catchy songs like Nazi White Trash and Crack City Rockers. If you've heard bands like Operation ivy and Catch 22, then you'll notice a similar sound with Leftover Crack. Unfortunately for us, Leftover Crack isn't consistent with the music they play well, and end up taking their listeners for a frustratingly sporadic ride.

If nothing, Leftover Crack is humorous. If you're not amused by the band and it's song titles, then you'll get a kick out of lyrics like “Straight out of Low cash” and “Panhandling is a job, you ignorant slob.”

Whether they ever wanted their music appreciated in a serious manner, only the crack will know. This album is a gamble, so listen to it before you buy it.