Latrine Dean: Consortium Library, Second Floor

The Consortium Library, a haven of silence and one of my favorite places to be on campus.  After walking out of the Starbucks adjacent to the Consortium with a latte in one hand and a Danish in the other, is there anything finer than finding your favorite reading nook and cracking open a text of Plato and his dialogues?  Well, maybe spring break on a Florida beach, but only maybe.

The Consortium Library’s second-floor restrooms, behind the elevators immediately to your right from the spiral staircase, may also not be spring break in Florida, but they are a fine find as well.

The second-floor restrooms are aesthetically reminiscent of the ISB restrooms.  The two have a similar lighting structure, with this restroom’s light fixtures gently tucked away above the ceiling and facing the wall.  This creates a fountain-like effect, distributing light across the room.  It is soft, but bright enough to be able to determine the condition.

During my tour, there was something about the transparent-green brick tiles that made me feel creative as I meditated for a minute and a half.  Needless to say, they were wonderful.

The silver stalls give the restroom a bit of a metropolitan feel.  They make you feel cool for spending your Saturday afternoon doing your English homework at the library, when you could easily be at the movies with your friends.

A real attention grabber is the white lines tiled into the floor.  For the men’s restroom they served as a gentle reminder of how far away to stand from the stall if occupied.  According to Correspondent Kellie, for the ladies’ room, they “guided the flow of traffic around the stalls.”

This bathroom is also enriched by its excellent countertops, sinks and mirrors, and its aesthetic quality easily bags five stars.

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The library is typically a busy place mid-day during the week, but even so, privacy was not an issue.  The quiet hush that sits over the library exists in the restroom too.  Foot traffic was very minimal, which was surprising considering what a popular place the library is on campus.

The aspect of this restroom that really sealed the ultimate pinnacle of privacy was the angled wall in the men’s room.  When you walk through the door of the men’s room you are confronted with a 120 degree pivot immediately to your right to face the urinals.  The room becomes smaller as you approach the farthest urinal, which at this point is almost in a corner.

This wall is so central in securing the most amount of privacy, because when using the urinals you are guaranteed not to be bothered by any traffic flow from your right or from immediately behind you.  This lends to a pleasant and private experience for the library patron.  Privacy earns a solid five stars.

Plain and simple was the toilet paper for this restroom, just like the other bathrooms to the east.  There is not much to say about it, and at this point doubt grows even stronger for the restrooms to come of if there will ever be anything to rant and rave about concerning the toilet paper here on campus.  Toilet Paper earns three stars.

“It was very reflective of the grandeur of the Consortium Library,” reported Correspondent Kellie.  “It was a reminder that we are in a university.”

Correspondent Kellie enjoyed the green appeal and the good texture of tiling in the restroom.  However, a well-placed full length mirror would have enamored Kellie further with its fashion.  With plenty of wall space in the restroom, it’s a must.

Privacy in these restrooms was also a nonissue for Kellie. The large stainless steel lock on the stall door, coupled with how little the restroom is visited, gave her a very private feeling.

The ladies’ room toilet paper was just like the mens’ with nothing special.  The toilet paper dispenser did catch the attention of Correspondent Kellie, however.

“It was a very obliging TP dispenser.  It didn’t welcome my ‘come hither advances’ but it wasn’t disgruntled either.”  She reported.

If after a long day of classes and you find yourself heading to the library to grind out solid study time there is no need to fret if a certain call should present itself to you.  You’ll be accommodated aesthetically and with privacy, and I guarantee that you will not lose concentration from your studies.

Now should the Consortium Library throw a couple of magazine racks in there with a couple of old issues of Newsweek Magazine destined for the recycling bin anyway, I wouldn’t complain.  But with how high this restroom scored, to ask them to do so would just be greedy.


Overall Score: * * * * *