Late-starting classes still available

Looking for a late-starting class? If you need to change your schedule in an effort to finish well this semester, you still have some options if you act quickly.

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers several classes that haven't yet started. There are a variety of electives available as well as classes that may be required for your degree.

Some late-starting classes even count for the General Education Requirements (GERs), such as biology. Most of these are found at our extension centers at nearby military bases. Fort Richardson Army Post and Elmendorf Air Force Base UAA extension centers offer two eight-week sessions in addition to the full-semester classes. The second eight-week session starts right after spring break on March 12.            

Though Elmendorf and Fort Richardson classes give registration priority to military personnel, there is plenty of room for other students. Eleanor Schaff, Statewide Director of Military Education Services, said, "The military invites people from the community to participate in these programs and welcomes students from the main campus."

You can register for these classes before spring break at the Registration office in the Administration Building or at the military centers. This second 8-week session runs March 12 through May 5 and classes are in the evenings.

Check out these course offerings on-line. Look for Elmendorf course offerings at and Fort Richardson courses at Click on Class Schedules and scroll down to the 2nd 8-week session.

You can register for other late-starting classes through the main campus. Course offerings include aviation, computers, physical education, college success and many more. Many courses are still available. Check out the schedule on the UAA web site at Course dates are listed. Or contact Enrollment Services for assistance locating late-starting classes for credit.

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If you're in a full-semester class, remember that you can still withdraw or change from credit to audit until April 6. If you drop below your 12-credit minimum to be a full-time student, you may need to pick up extra credits.

By the way, the Summer and Fall 2001 schedules are now on the web at