Lady Gaga returns to center stage with new album ‘Born This Way’

With the advent of the 21st century and lack of creativity, along comes Lady Gaga, a woman who really doesn’t care what goes on as long and she can make her music and show off her crazy sense of fashion.

Her first album, “The Fame” introduced the world to her sense of style and music. While it was mostly generic, she released her “The Fame Monster” album, and nearly all of it’s songs were released as singles.

Now the sophomore album release is upon us. Gaga mixes power ballads with 80’s pop sensibilities and her own take on religion; it really is more thought out and longer than anything else she has produced.

The opening track, “Marry The Night,” sets the tone and the tempo of the record, and sort reintroduces us to why we love her.

The lackluster “Born This Way” shows up, but it’s really more of an inspirational song than one that mines what is really going on in the album.

Then there’s her newer single, “Judas,” about a girl falling in love with the bad boy, which uses the biblical figures of Jesus and Judas to build her metaphor. It’s a daring move to make, even for Gaga, but she pulls it off.

The middle and meat of this album is obscure. Tracks, no less brilliant in their own way, like

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“Government Hooker” and “Sheise” have humor that a lot of people don’t know Lady Gaga possesses.

Really though, it’s hard to explain what’s really going with the music until you listen to it for yourself. If you want to see where pop is evolving, this is an album that takes it to where it may need to be.

The Mother Monster has a lot going with this release, but it’s really about her. She talks about her love of Jesus, how she grew up and people making her who she is. And in an vague way, it sort of tells a narrative, but listeners ned to dig deep to find it.

So, “Born This Way” really isn’t an album so much as it is an audio experience. Just get it and hope it doesn’t go over your head.