KRUA celebrates 25 years of being on the air

Residents of Anchorage have been tuning into UAA’s student-run radio station, KRUA 88.1 FM since they first went on the air in 1992. Talk shows, local and popular music and news updates have been broadcasted through KRUA for 25 years, proving to be one of UAA’s most successful media outlets.

To celebrate the time that KRUA has dedicated to radio, they are hosting a free concert at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium on Friday, Feb. 17, starting at 7:30 p.m. There will be three different acts performing, all of them local.

“We wanted to celebrate the history of KRUA by not only bringing out local music, but by having those acts really highlight what we like to play on the station. We are hoping to do a presentation of KRUA through the years,” Wright Franklin, KRUA’s station manager, said.

I Like Robots is an ’80s cover band based in Anchorage. They have been featured on KRUA before, and fit perfectly as an opener for this show. DJ Spencer Lee was on staff at KRUA before he had his own DJ business. These two opening acts will document music from the past, and highlight KRUA’s past 25 years as a radio station.

To celebrate the present day KRUA, Lavoy will be the third and final performance at the show. A five person band, consisting of Tyrell Tompkins, Sean Riley, Ryan Monson, Kipp Riley and Ivan Brik, Lavoy all moved to Spokane, Washington three years ago to further their career as a band and play in larger cities. They play alternative, indie pop music, and are easily comparable to the nostalgic sounds of the ’80s.

“We really dig college pop music, a lot of what KRUA plays. When they asked us to perform at their 25th-anniversary show, it really made sense for us to fly up,” Tompkins said.

These three performances will surely deliver what KRUA enjoys most: local music. I Like Robots, DJ Spencer Lee and Lavoy will all bring a different sound and quality to the show that will help it come together as a cohesive concert.

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“Overall, we just really want to celebrate our history, celebrate that we are still around and that we’ve been representing UAA for 25 years now,” Franklin said.

By hosting this free concert, KRUA hopes to give back to every single one of its listeners, in the best way they know how. Students of UAA, residents of Anchorage, and anyone else who is interested are welcome to join in the free celebration and will get to experience and discover some of Anchorage’s best local music.