Juried Art Show hits Student Union Art Gallery

UAA’s Student Union Gallery opened its doors to the public April 15 for an opening reception featuring pieces by UAA art students selected by Alaska juror Keren Lowell. Ceramic pieces and paintings from pen to acrylics to charcoal are on display in the gallery until May 1.

“Toasted Marshmallow Genie Bottle,” a small ceramic vial is one of the many pieces in the show. It’s placed on a podium in the gallery near the back left-hand corner.

“I really liked its shape and the fact that it was layered with some wood-fire elements and also some glaze. It just made me happy. I’ve entered plenty of pieces before; I was in the Juried Show last year as well as the Clay Invitational,” said Georgia Tolbert, the artist of the piece.

“Beautifully Unsettling,” a piece by Victoria LaCroix, depicts a figure in a gas mask with a pink bib and lace intertwined. The ceramic by LaCroix is mounted on the wall of the gallery.

“This piece took me a long time. I can’t put an exact time amount. It was off and on. We had a project that was adornment with a figure, so I picked a gas mask and put lace curls on it. It makes something sort of scary and dark into something beautiful. I was in an invitational show last semester, but this is my first piece in the juried show,” said LaCroix, an art major with a focus on ceramics.

One of the most popular pieces in the show is a blue and white narwhal covered in hundreds of tiny roses. The piece is mounted on two metal cylinders and is placed in the middle of the gallery. The artist, Carla Aannerud, is a nursing major with a minor in art.

“We had to adorn something that would be out of the ordinary. I started this the beginning of the semester. The whale itself didn’t take that long, but there are 300 handmade roses and barnacles. I made the roses petal by petal. I cast the horn out of glass. It took two attempts, though! I had to make a wax model of the horn and then case it in a mixture, then melt the wax out with the steamer. Then I had to melt glass into it. The first attempt didn’t work, so overall this project took the better half of the semester, but I really love how it turned out,”  Aannerud said.

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The Juried Show displays art made by UAA students, showcasing the school’s unknown and beautiful talents. The show runs until May 1. Gallery hours are Mondays-Thursdays from 9-6 p.m. and Fridays from 9-4 p.m.