June movie preview

June 6

Edge of Tomorrow
“Edge of Tomorrow”Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise, “Oblivion”) finds himself reliving over and over again events leading up to the battle in which he dies. Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt, “The Wind Rises”) helps him to improve himself and make sure he survives through the battle. He never wants to relive that fateful day again and “live, die, repeat.”


The Fault in Our Stars“The Fault in Our Stars”Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley, “Divergent”) has trouble living out a normal teenager’s life, because she has been diagnosed with cancer. In a cancer support group she meets Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort, “Divergent”), and the two together take a chance at love and what is the closest to having normal teenage life.

June 13

22 Jump Street“22 Jump Street”

Jenko (Channing Tatum, “The Lego Movie”) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill, “The Lego Movie”) embark on another undercover investigation into a new drug. This time, however, they go undercover at college and try to bust the dealers of a new drug known as “WHYPHY,” pronounced Wi-Fi, which is a mix of ecstasy and Adderall.


How to Train Your Dragon 2“How to Train Your Dragon 2”
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After Hiccup (Jay Baruchel, “Don Peyote”) successfully united the Vikings and the dragons, he finds his mother Valka (Cate Blanchett, “The Monuments Men”), who was assumed dead. She has been rescuing dragons since her disappearance. The Vikings and dragons must work together to defeat the Drago Bludvist (Djimon Hounsou, “Baggage Claim”), who is trying to capture all the dragons.

June 20 

Think Like a Man Too“Think Like a Man Too”

When the gang from “Think Like a Man” comes to Las Vegas for their friend’s wedding, the boys and the girls compete to give their friends the best bachelor and bachelorette parties before they get married, even if it means sabotaging the other party.

June 27 

Transformers Age of Extinction“Transformers: Age of Extinction”

The transformers have become a thing of the past when Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg, “Lone Survivor”) purchases an old, beat-up semi truck to sell the parts to put his daughter, Tessa (Nicola Peltz, “Affluenza”), through college. He soon discovers that he doesn’t have a normal semi on his hands, but a transformer — more importantly Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen, “Nikelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014”). The government finds out about Cade’s possession of the transformer and is quick to try and take Optimus Prime back.