Jump into ‘Wild Race’ of life

After Dr. Dog visited Alaska a couple weeks ago, the Philadelphia-based band released a five track EP titled “Wild Race” Oct. 2 as a brief follow-up to their critically acclaimed album “Be The Void.”

The highlight of the EP is last song and title track, “Wild Race.” The song begins with five quick strikes from Zach “Text” Miller’s keyboard before Toby “Table” Leaman’s captivating bass line and Eric “Teach” Slick’s drumming sends the song on its way. Lead vocalist Scott “Taxi” McMicken then calmly croons the song lyrics before the repetitive chorus proclamation, “Easy goes the wild race,” while Slick nails the snare drum hits when McMicken says, “race.”

Right after the chorus concludes, McMicken plays a brief guitar solo with only a keyboard accompaniment. This leaves the listener in an attentive limbo ending with the reintroduction of the bass and percussion back into the song. This catches the listener off guard and brings them right back into “Wild Race.”

Near the end of the song, the bridge is played and is perhaps the most impressive and notable part of track. While McMicken sings, the rest of Dr. Dog accompany him by doing what they do best: harmonizing. This builds up the songs before pouncing back into the final chorus and closing off the song.

“Wild Race” is one of those songs perfect for a road trip. The theme of the “journey of life” may be cliche, but it is nice to see Dr. Dog put their own spin on it. If you did not have the opportunity to see Dr. Dog here in Anchorage, check out the “Wild Race” EP and get prescribed to Dr. Dog.


Song: “Wild Race”

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Album: “Wild Race

Artist: Dr. Dog

Release date: October 2, 2012

Label: ANTI-