Joy Division — Heart And Soul [Box Set]

There were a lot of English bands that started after hearing the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, but few of them managed to take full advantage of the tidal wave of energy these bands created. Joy Division was the one band who was able to channel the excitement and energy of the Sex Pistols, and their ilk spewed forth into something totally different than what anyone was doing.

Joy Division’s music is hardly ever talked about without using words like “gloomy” or “depressing,” maybe because all anyone knows about them is that their singer hung himself. But really, this music doesn’t wallow in any sort of melancholy, it’s primal, desperate and peppy.

However, it’s really not for everyone. Singer Ian Curtis’ voice is definitely an acquired taste. But once you get into it, you’ll probably want to hear everything, which is what this massive four-CD set offers. Virtually all of the band’s recorded output is here, as well as a slammin’ live disc.