Joel Piper is ‘Dying to Live’

Former Confide drummer/vocalist Joel Piper is back with his first full length solo album, titled “Dying to Live,” and it’s nothing like you’d expect.

If you’re familiar with Confide’s music, you know it’s kind of a blend of heavy metal and alternative. It’s full of screamo, angry drums and intense guitars. When the band disbanded in 2012 (touring 9-10 months out of the year took its toll on them all), Piper continued his career on his own, and his solo material is a completely different animal from his group work. It’s tame, makes you smile, inspires joy and calm rather than riling listeners up. It shows that Piper has incredible versatility in his music.

The “Dying to Live” title track is, in a word, beautiful. The lyrics may seem a bit cheesy when looking at them on paper, but Piper’s vocals add so much insistence and emotion that it neither sounds nor feels simple. The song is about love, and about how it’s better to live for the ones you love as opposed to dying for them, since love doesn’t need to be tragic to be real. It’s touchingly simple: He’d rather fight to live for his beloved than just lay down and die for her.

The rest of the album is similar; Piper takes listeners on a feelgood journey with his touching lyrics and smooth vocals, telling listeners to be a smile in the darkness, to ask for help when you need it and that it’s time to stop the fighting because “this is love, not war.”

The entire album is a surprise, both fresh and inspiring. Watch Joel Piper closely; he has the potential to go very far.

Album: “Dying to Live”

Artist: Joel Piper

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Label: Red Decibel Music Group

Release Date: July 31, 2012

Rating: 4