Jäger Bombs, a smooth but effective drink

There are few drinks that can knock you on your rear as fast as a few well-placed Jäger Bombs; in addition to being strong shots, they’re also smooth and tasty.

Jäger Bombs consist of Jäger and Red Bull; pour the Jäger into a shot glass, pour the red bull into a small glass, drop the entire shot glass into the Red Bull and throw it back. That’s all there is to it.

A lot of shots are strong and harsh, like whiskey, most vodkas and tequila, but Jäger is smooth and rich, making it easier to shoot and then pour a second of, despite the high ABV.

The shot initially tastes of the Red Bull, but is quickly overpowered by the Jäger, which is similar to black licorice in taste; if you’re not a fan of the candy, chances are you’ll be biased against or dislike the liquor. You get a hint of the Red Bull as you gulp down the shot as well, but it’s main contribution to the cocktail is the caffeine and carbonation.

As delicious and smooth as this shot is, it’s also fairly strong, so be sure to eat something before you do a round and drink plenty of water afterwards, especially if you end up having another.