Intramural sports encourages competitiveness, athleticism

Photo credit: Jian Bautista


At UAA, intramural sports are open to all students on campus. A group of friends, student organizations or roommates can come together and form teams that will play each other in a variety of organized sports or activities.

There are currently three sports offered: 5-on-5 basketball, indoor soccer and volleyball.

Intramurals not only promote teamwork and competition, but also offer a way to connect with other students and relieve stress from school.

Alexus Tisega, a pre-med student, works for the intramural office and plays both basketball and volleyball in the program.

“Working with the intramural team is quite amazing. It is super easy, and fun to watch teams compete,” Tisega said. “Being able to ref the games isn’t as hard to learn as it looks. Although some students get frustrated with the refs, they still come back after the game to thank us. We all just have a fun time around each other, and we’re super easy going people.”

The participation fee is only $10 per sport for students who are interested in joining.

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“I didn’t know about intramurals until my second semester of freshman year when I had a few friends ask me if I played basketball and wanted to join their team. I was super stoked because I hadn’t played in awhile, and I was finally going to be able to be apart of a team,” Tisega said. “Intramurals were designed to bring the student campus closer, and I think throughout the many years, it has done exactly just that. I have met some of the most amazing people playing in intramurals, and I consider them some of my closest friends.”

A friend of Tisega’s and teammate, Tre’von Hinkle, psychology major, also took part in the intramural program. Hinkle participated in basketball, and also played in the spring team challenge, a team challenge across multiple sports including stick ball, dodgeball and water polo.

“It was a great bonding experience, I got to see different personalities of my friends you don’t usually get to see on a daily basis,” Hinkle said. “Of course, it’s a great way to get in shape and stay healthy while having fun and competing with your friends.”

Intramurals allow students to ignite or continue their drive for competition and sport whether they win or lose.

Chase Alexander, a physical education major, played indoor soccer and says that intramurals are great for meeting new people of varying levels of experience.

“You can join random teams or a team of a roommate if you don’t mind going up against people with more or less experience than you,” Alexander said. “It’s fun and great for bonding with friends and getting involved on campus.”

That’s not to say intramural sports are the only way to get involved, but it is one of the many routes people take. Being involved with other organizations and meeting new students is one way students can dive into the college experience.

While there aren’t that many sports offered, every sport reaches an individual at some level. The main drive behind the sports that are offered is for people to have fun, make friends and be a part of a competitive atmosphere.