Inside MAC: more intoxication problems than other UAA housing

A week rarely goes by without multiple reports of alcohol-related incidents appearing in the “Police Scanner” of The Northern Light. Students being rowdy, getting alcohol poisoning or being escorted to hospitals has become a horrible and reprehensible epidemic in Main Apartment Complex housing.

Alcohol complaints have come from every type of housing complex at UAA this semester, but MAC apartments generate the most problems out of the housing that allows 21-and-older students to possess and consume alcohol.

Looking at the UPD calls for service on the UAA Web site, the problem becomes clear.

In September, eight out of 21 alcohol-related complaints to UPD from housing or commons concerned MAC housing. MAC housing was responsible for half of the 12 incidents where “minor consuming alcohol” citations were handed out. Two of these incidents occurred in the early-morning hours of Sept. 23, when UPD made eight citations for minors consuming alcohol and two arrests for furnishing alcohol to minors.

In October, five out of 22 alcohol-related complaints to UPD from housing or commons concerned MAC housing. MAC housing was also responsible for one of the five incidences where “minor consuming alcohol” citations were issued.

Compared to the other housing structures that allow alcohol, MAC is causing a lot more alcohol-related problems. Specific sections of each UAA housing structure allow legal-age alcohol possession and consumption, with exception of North Hall, which does not allow alcohol at all.

UPD calls for service show that MAC housing is responsible for many problems so far this semester: noise complaints due to 21-and-older drunks occurred twice; disturbance or violence complaints occurred three times; drinking-age students were caught consuming alcohol outside of the MAC unit, which is not allowed, on two occasions.

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The most recent and shocking news surfaced Oct. 28, when rape and kidnapping charges were filed by a female student after a party in MAC housing. This isn’t the only time the welfare of students in MAC has been in question when alcohol was involved. On Sept. 8 two intoxicated males, one under the drinking age, were causing problems in the MAC Quad, and police decided they needed to be transported to a detox location because they were unable to care for themselves. Plus, on Oct. 19 a legal-drinking-age person in MAC housing had a seizure after drinking and had to be transported to the hospital.

Have MAC housing residents abandoned all common sense? Life isn’t all about keg stands and red plastic party cups. There is a reason why people go to college, and it’s not to learn the intricate rules of beer pong. Just because your parents aren’t sleeping down the hall anymore is no excuse to engage in such foolish behavior. Having the police called weekly between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. is unacceptable.

Drinking alcohol is normal for most people, especially with those who are excited to be 21, but when it gets to the point where they are seriously endangering their own or others’ well-being, the habit becomes too hazardous.

Administrators can take away the privilege of having alcohol on university property quickly, and it would take much longer to get that privilege back. To the UAA students who are taking drinking too far: Please stop before your actions bring repercussions to the rest of those living on campus.