Illness is no laughing matter

Hello ladies. Today I want to discuss insensitivity. I was in the ladies room and I overheard a conversation that really annoyed me. The reason for my annoyance was that the topic they were discussing was no laughing matter.

One of the girls was mimicking the slogan on an Endometriosis poster. You know, the one were the woman on the poster looks like she is in a lot of pain. Anyway, the second girl thought the first girl really was in distress. The second girl asked the first girl if she needed something for pain and the first girl said “No, I'm just making fun of the poster about endometriosis.”          

Immediately, the second girl told her that she had a relative who had endometriosis and was constantly in pain. She further added that that relative had to have a couple of operations to try to correct the problem.

By this time, girl number one was not laughing; instead she was apologizing for her insensitivity.

It burns me up when women don't take women's illnesses seriously. I had Endometriosis for three years before it was diagnosed, because so little was known about it. After my diagnosis, I suffered tremendous pain for another six years in which I underwent four laparoscopies and a hysterectomy. So her comments upset me greatly.

I have even heard women joke about wanting a hysterectomy. No one in her right mind would want to go through that procedure. There is nothing funny about having your reproductive organs taken from you. If you have no ovaries, your body goes into early menopause, which means hot flashes and varying mood swings. We don't even want to go into hormonal therapy that accompanies this event. I have even met women who had psychological problems after the surgery. A hysterectomy is serious business and more and more young women have to undergo that procedure.

It is very easy to laugh about something you know nothing about. I think that is a problem that younger people have. When you are young, you think that you are invincible. Sickness and disease won't happen to you, it happens to the next person. Well, ladies, you are wrong. These things do happen to women in their 20s and their teens. Illness doesn't care how old you are or what you want to do in life.

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Ladies, we have got to be more careful about what we say. You never know what the woman standing next to you has been through. Then again, you never know when that illness will have your name on it.

`Til next week, be safe.