Hurry up UAA!

Being a student comes with some perks – like using your school I.D. to get discounts to concerts and shows. But it’s rare to get as much as a 50 percent discount to a show – especially for someone as big as Henry Rollins, who will be here Nov. 21.

In the couple weeks since ticket sales began, John Gregoire of the UAA Concert Board said about 200 tickets have been purchased, but only about 10 of those tickets were sold to students.

“We on the Concert Board would weep if no students are able to see this fantastic event due to their lack of planning,” Gregoire said. “And it’s an incredible discount.”

Tickets are on sale up to the event set at $20 for the public and only $10 for UAA students with valid I.D. Tickets for the general public are available at all CarrsTix, however students wanting to cash in on the discount need to go to the Information Desk at the Campus Center.

Gregoire said he’s nervous that many students will wait to buy tickets thinking the show will not sell out or fill up too quickly.

“We never sell 200 tickets by two weeks before the show,” Gregoire said.

Rollins will be presenting his newest spoken word project, “The Ivy League Tour,” in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

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Eaten alive by fans of his writing, spoken word and singing for punk band “Black Flag,” as well as his own band, he last came to Anchorage in 1999 for a sold-out “Think Tank” performance.

Gregoire thinks the show will sell out, and soon.

“Rollins’ style is conversational and intimate, like hanging out with your closest and funniest friend for the first time in a year, and he’s telling you stories,” Mike Conti said about the last Anchorage show.

“Tickets are going fast,” Gregoire said. “This show will not cater to last-minute shoppers.”

For more information about the upcoming show, call the information desk at 786-1204. Get your tickets soon! Also check out our personal interview with Henry Rollins coming up in the Northern Light.