How’s your sex life?

While many students agree that UAA offers a multitude of services to help students, most don't know that in the Business Education Building, they can also find advice on being a good lover.

“Sexuality affects many parts of our lives, including body, mind, and spirit. People are often embarrassed to talk about sex, and consequently, there's a lot of misinformation, unhealthy secrecy, and unrealistic expectations surrounding the topic,” said Dr. Ellen Cole, a psychology professor at Alaska Pacific University. Cole will be hosting a presentation called “Improving Your Sex Life" on April 4.

Dyann Bowland, the nurse at the health center who organized the event, said, “A common problem among students is that they find their sex life boring. After saving their energy for work and school, many find they have none left for sex. That's unfortunate.”

Bowland said she surveys students to find out what topics they want addressed in Student Health Center presentations, and sex came up more than once. After deciding on a topic, Bowland contacted Cole and asked her to host the presentation. Cole is a psychologist, and a nationally certified sex therapist who has been teaching a course at APU called “Intimacy, Relationships, and Sexuality” since 1975.

“I'll talk about common sexual problems and myths and offer some suggestions for healthy intimate and sexual relationships,” Cole said. “It will be very informal, with opportunity for discussion and questions.”

Bowland admits that students have a strong curiosity when it comes to activity between the sheets; however, she fears that some may be too embarrassed to attend the presentation.

“People might not want to come, because they feel that if they do, it's like admitting that they have a sexual problem,” Bowland said. “That is not at all the case. It's going to be a fun, open discussion. If one person can benefit, then it's served its purpose.”

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“Improving Your Sex Life” will be held in the Student Health Center from 12:00 to 1 p.m.