Housing help

The University Police Department recently appointed me to the post of Housing Officer. I look forward to serving students and staff in housing.

The position was created to provide residents a convenient and accessible channel to the police department and to provide information concerning various police matters and services. My office is located in room 113 of the Commons allowing for immediate response to service requests.

I am available to inform students on criminal and traffic laws and penalties, and to assist the housing staff with classes on safety and crime prevention. I am willing to listen to any complaints or situations that may arise and, if necessary, help determine appropriate resolutions.

I do not have the authority to void parking tickets or traffic citations but I can issue them. But I will help with details on how to avoid such offences.

I welcome any comments, tips, questions and suggestions students or staff may have and will respect anonymity. Forms and instructions are located outside my office door or I can be reached at 751-7351 or e-mail at . I look forward to questions that can be answered in this space.

Housing tip: If theft is a concern I can help engrave and record valuable personal items.