Homemade butter makes everything better

A popular science experiment in elementary schools, making butter in a mason jar is a fun and easy way to make fresh butter.

When shaking the heavy whipping cream, you’ll notice the liquid will begin to solidify. At this point, the cream has been whipped. Keep shaking and you’ll begin to hear liquid sloshing around the jar again. Don’t panic, this is what’s supposed to happen. At this point, the buttermilk is separating from the butter, then you have the final product.

Giving a taste you can’t buy from the store, herbs or spices can be added to the butter to create unique artisanal butters.


1. Fill your mason jar halfway with cream.

2. Put the lid on the mason jar and seal tightly, Shake until the liquid begins to solidify.

3. Once the butter and buttermilk separate, filter the buttermilk out and serve your butter on a slice of warm toast, or hot biscuit.

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Photo credit: Victoria Petersen