Homecoming boogie riles up Seawolves past and present

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Mix together some wine, beer, soda, a towering chocolate fountain the size of a small child and 100 students and ex-students raising the proverbial roof, and you’ve got UAA’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming Dance.

People were dressed from business casual to ballroom gorgeous. The dance started at 8 p.m. and ran until midnight in the Anchorage Museum of History and Art Oct. 7.

Student government, which sponsors homecoming every year, began planning this year’s event last spring, said Diane Kozak, Student Leadership coordinator and an adviser to the Union of Students.

“This is an absolutely fabulous event,” Kozak said. “[It’s] always a very big deal, and could not be possible without USUAA. I think this is the best homecoming dance ever.”

The liquor was not the only reason why most were having a good time. Olivia Webber, a second-year nursing student, tended the bar and said attendees drank about six bottles of Merlot and six bottles of white wine. Students were limited to the number of drinks they could buy.

“We give students yellow slips, and once they have two slips they can’t have any more liquor,” Webber said.

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With disco traffic lights and the musical styles of disk jockey Matt Juba, students were quick to engulf the dance floor with a variety of moves. Some could be seen playing air guitar to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose,” or getting low to Lil’ Jon.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates

“I love the variation. It makes for a really fun atmosphere,” said Victoria Sweenhart, a second-year UAA student.

Despite the large number of Village People and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy fans, some were unhappy about the musical selection.

Jack Packer, a first-year art major, was not enthusiastic about the variety of music.

“They should have played more hip-hop or rap,” Packer said. “No more oldies.”

Regardless of the music, good vibes were coming from all around.

“There are a lot of people having fun,” said Dianne Dela Rosa, a second-year marketing student. “It’s a pretty diverse group. It’s like one big party.”

The party ended with a raffle drawing. Door prizes were given to a few lucky winners.

The homecoming dance was one of the first events to launch Homecoming Week, which lasts until Oct. 17. Its purpose is to promote school spirit and get students riled up about being a Seawolf.