Hockey’s debut album mixes disparate elements

HockeyALBUM: “Mind Chaos”

ARTIST: Hockey


Hockey is a band with a lot of half-executed ideas, but they still are enjoyable to listen to. Their debut album’s opening track, “Too Fake” has grating vocals over a polished electronic and instrumental bed that cleans up in the second half of the track.

After the odd-sounding opener, the album, “Mind Chaos,” opens up with bass-infused electronic funk. It is wholly enjoyable, and the lyrical content is fun and is reminiscent of ‘70s funk bands.

The track “3 Am Spanish,” tells of a man who notices problems with the world and his own life. He talks about his love, robbery, and drug sellers.

“Work” tells simply of how much work there is to win someone over. “Curse This City” speaks of how power corrupts, and how hard it is to love the city.

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From the strange opener to the slower finale, “Mind Chaos” is just that; a continuous thought process on how the world works. The theme fits, and most of the time it works.

Sometimes, though, Hockey gets too involved in the technical side of things, and in trying to make each song sound different. And, the vocals will sometimes grate on even the most generous listener.

However, “Mind Chaos” is still a good effort for a freshman album.