Hashtags reflect the nation’s concerns better than media

Biden’s teeth bared. Romney’s caffeine overdose. Binders full of women. And the biggest American flagpin of anyone…on the entire stage.

Forget the economy, a raging war in the Middle East and health care.

Forget mainstreaming fact checking for the American public. The media has, for the most part, created a superficial focus on information during all presidential debates thus far this election. Granted, the media is happy to report trending words during the debates. The public, contrary to what most people may think, seemed focused on issues such as #Syria, #Afghanistan, #economy and #healthcare.

So why is there a discrepancy between what the media is covering and what voters want to hear about?

It seems like the mass media has become content to turn the run for presidency, into a run for homecoming king — bringing our national election process to a new whopping level of pathetic.

Why new?

Because each year that the American public stands for this babble, each year that we perpetuate this kind of manipulative, sensationalist reporting, we tell media moguls that it’s okay to ignore the important issues and focus on whether or not Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan washed clean or dirty dishes at a homeless shelter.

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And that adds one more tally mark to how long Americans have been distracted, like cats smacking laser lights on a wall, from national issues that should take precedent such as Syria, Afghanistan, the economy and healthcare without the caveat of hash tags.

The solution is for the public to actually think for themselves and focus on issues important to them, while ignoring or being mildly amused by the hubbub being reported.

While it’s okay to laugh at memes of Bill Clinton asking, “Binders full of women?” it’s not okay to let that overshadow the fact that there are real, important decisions being made during election season.

And at the end of the day, regardless of who laughed at whom during the debate or who took too many big gulps of water, come Nov. 6, we still have a president to elect.