Hard Apple Ale a local brew for the change of seasons

BREWERY: Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company
BREW NAME: Hard Apple Ale
BREW STYLE: Specialty Beer
Specs: 5.5% abv

In keeping with the change-of-seasons theme, apple cider is a staple of fall and winter.  Instead of spiking your own mix, just go to Moose’s Tooth and grab a growler or glass of their Hard Apple Ale.  This local brew will transport your taste buds to an apple orchard and bring back childhood memories of warm apple cider on a cold day.

As far as the actual beer goes, it has a sweet taste, and the name does not lie; the taste of apples dominate here.  The new take on apple cider is refreshing, literally. It does have a dry taste, but that isn’t a bad thing in this case.

The best part about this beer is that you do not have to be a “beer connoisseur” to enjoy it.  For those of you looking to excite your palate and remind you of better days, this is definitely the beer for you.  Even those who aren’t beer drinkers will enjoy this beverage.

Although it has a strong fruity taste, it still meshes well with pizza.  It is still delicious on its own, however.

The only downside to this beer is that it can (for the most part) only be found at Moose’s Tooth and Bear’s Tooth.  However, some bars around town, and in the valley, are starting to carry it on tap.  If you happen to be at Moose’s Tooth or Bear’s Tooth, they can fill up your growlers so you can enjoy it elsewhere. This is considered a ”specialty” beer, so it will cost a couple extra dollars to have a growler filled, but it is well worth the spare change.

Overall I would say this beer does many things, whether it takes you back to your childhood, or just sends your taste buds on a trip. Either way, you’ll be satisfied.