Hanging in there at the end of a semester

The snow and slippery ice on the streets is becoming a permanent fixture around town.

Next, turkey will be in our bellies, and holiday decorations will be carefully strung through trees and lining sidewalks.

And, of course, the semester will be finally wrapped and sealed with a pristine bow…or thrown in a recycled and reused gift bag in a haphazard way with no decorative tissue paper.

Because let’s face it: The last few weeks of the semester are the hardest. The mere five weeks left makes the previous 11 weeks seem like chump change.

There are the huge projects and papers left untouched until now; tests that are the difference between an entire letter grade; and then there’s just general burnout from drinking bad coffee to stay up late to read page after page or type word after word.

But don’t be disheartened.

After all, the day this newspaper hits the stands, there will only be eight more Tuesday and Thursday classes, seven more Monday and Wednesday classes and five more once-a-week courses before the semester is over.

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And in between those meetings, the university is providing a few perks to help boost student morale during this trying time.

For instance, UAA Late Nights will be offering free food, massages and general well being advice to help students cope with the stress of the semester.

And the Daily Den, as usual, is still open three times every Monday through Thursday with free snacks and coffee to help you get through your studying.

So, don’t be disheartened. Hang in there.