Gymnasts plagued by injuries at home meets

Although the Centenary Ladies bested
Seawolf gymnasts two times last week, UAA
continues to look to the future and analyze the
areas they need to work on.
While the Seawolves stayed right on the
Ladies’ heels in the fi rst meet on Jan. 16, the
Ladies would eventually succeed 185.825-
184.425. The second meet was not as close
however, and after being plagued by injuries and
equipment malfunctions during the warm-ups,
UAA lost to Centenary again 190.625- 185.675
on Jan. 18.
“[We’re] trying to really improve our
consistency, so that we are performing less but
what we are performing, we are doing better,”
Head Coach Paul Stoklos said.
During the Jan. 16 meet the Seawolves took
the top scores in vault, uneven bars and the floor
exercise even though they suffered three falls
on the uneven bars and fi ve falls on the balance
Junior Lauren Augostino placed second in
all around scores with a 37.275 after taking first
in both the vault and the fl oor exercises and
second on the balance beam.
Sophomore Kristy Boswell’s second
place fi nish with a 9.625 on the uneven bars
and freshman Shakea Sanders’ second place
with a 9.75 on the fl oor exercise also helped
the Seawolves stay neck and neck with
Centenary was led by Courtney Hawkins
who posted a 37.350 all around score.
Although they improved their overall
score by almost two points, the Jan 18 meet
looked shaky for UAA after two of their
gymnasts had nasty falls during warmups.
Boswell broke a toe on the beam and
sophomore Maria Puricelli’s grip broke off
of the uneven bars, sending her fl ying to the
“So they had a really shaky and kind of
scary warm up, and I think it just kind of
freaked them out so they just weren’t all
there mentally,” student assistant coach
Melissa Jabaay said.
Nonetheless, Puricelli came out of the
meet with the top parallel bar score of 9.7
and fourth in all around scores.
Augostino showed her talent once again
when she posted the top vault score of
9.825 and overall score of 38.25, placing
her second. These scores combined with the
scores of the Jan 16 meet combined to earn
her the Mountain Pacifi c Sports Federation
Gymnast of the Week.
While UAA’s second match up seemed
shaky, the Centenary Ladies were in even
better shape than the fi rst meet. Taking the top
three spots in the fl oor exercises and placing
second through sixth in the uneven bars, the
Ladies were led once again by Hawkins with
a 38.575, which improved her overall score
by almost 1.25 points.
“I think they did much better than the
other night; their confi dence level was
defi nitely there,” Centenary assistant coach
Bethanie Bowie said.
As for UAA, both head coach Stoklos
and assistant coach Jabaay agree that injuries
need to be healed while practices goes on.
“I think when we can get the whole team
back into the line-up, we’ll come around and
you’ll see our score come up a little bit,”
Stoklos said.