Guru: The facts behind the flu shot fuss

Should I get a flu shot?

Ok, my initial reaction to this question was, “Hell no.” Then I thought about it a bit, read some good articles and opened my mind. I am a conspiracy theorist, convinced. Now I think that yes, you should get the flu vaccine, but only IF you fit into the CDC’s categories for those that really need it.

There are actually way more categories than I originally thought: pregnant women, little kids, people that take care of little kids, anyone that is slated to play with little kids, someone whose job it is to keep the rest of us healthy, anyone ranging from little kid status to early-adult, anyone that is an adult that has some medical condition and the elderly.

Because most adults have some kind of medical condition, I’d venture to guess that 60-70% of people are fully eligible patrons for the flu vaccine (please see CDC guidelines for actual ages and details).

There really aren’t very many reasons NOT to get the vaccine, unless the idea of it makes you uncomfortable or if you’ve had a reaction against it before. The arguments for increased Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) with a vaccination don’t have much scientific substantiation, according to Harriet Hall of Skeptic Magazine.

Hall also makes the argument that although the vaccine is developed within a year, the practices to develop the vaccine improve each year, making each vaccine more effective than the last.

Also, if you think that the whole vaccine world is ineffective and bunk, then you need to step out of the crazy house and into the real world. Preventable illness kills people for no good reason. This is even more absurd if those people have access to vaccines. Ok, this is getting a bit preachy about vaccinating babies and such, but it is really important to do scientific research with an open mind before making a life or death decision (literally).

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From the unnecessary slaughters of 30,000 Egyptian pigs to the rumor of government-mandated quarantine, people react in strange ways to news of pandemics. Personally, I think these people need to be filmmakers rather than discussion-board leaders. We’ll have ten new Contagion-esque films before the next pandemic outbreak.


Will you be getting a flu shot?

Well, no. My reasoning: I’ve never gotten the flu before, I have a low likelihood of interacting with “at-risk” groups, I don’t have a condition that would make me susceptible or vulnerable and I am blatantly lazy.

Also, I’m working on improving my balanced diet this year and eating less sugar, two of the many dietary steps you can do to increase your immune system and decrease your risk of getting sick. If I do end up volunteering in the medical community (fingers crossed!), I will most definitely get the vaccine. It would be irresponsible of me not to.

Bless you! Gesundheit! Salud! À tes souhaits!