Guru Kate: food weight vs. gained weight

Why are foods that don’t weigh much fattening?

It took me a little while to come up with foods that don’t weigh much. Upon first blush, I thought of potato chips, candy and popcorn.
The common denominator between these foods is actually the way that we eat them: a whole bunch at once. For an example of this, let’s look at Doritos. You can’t eat just one chip, or four chips or five chips. Most people have to eat 15 to 20 chips, if they’re being conservative. But what if you have a large bag in front of you instead of a snack size? What is the limit at that point?

And once you eat an entire bag of chips, they aren’t so light anymore. One large bag of Doritos contains 336 grams of chips and 1800 calories. In one bag of Doritos. If you eat the recommended serving size (28 ounces, or 11 chips), you’ll eat only 150
calories. That’s the big difference between a nutritionally empty snack and a snack that can seriously ruin your diet.