Guest speakers, parking fees, new scholarships and senators

USUAA members welcomed two guest speakers to the Sept. 23 meeting, who focused on parking fees and need-based scholarships.


Executive reports


USUAA vice-president Kortney Hintsala said the UA Board of Regents approved a 10 percent tuition increase at its Sept. 20 meeting. Hintsala said the BOR is also considering an additional 7 percent tuition increase in 2007.


Representative reports

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Residence Hall Association

RHA sponsored the USUAA bill to allocate $2,300 for the purchase and maintenance of a television in the University Commons. $300 for the bill will come from RHA and the remaining $2,000 from USUAA, who will determine the content shown on the television.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates


Information Technology Services

All UAA computer labs are making a transition to computers compatible with USB and CD drives. The transition also means removing the Zip and floppy-disk drives from all computer labs by 2008, because USB ports and CD drives transport information more reliably, according to ITS. The Commons and Learning Resource Center computer labs have already made the transition. ITS is also considering extending computer-lab hours.


Club Council

Two committees were formed at the last Club Council meeting, for a Haunted Halloween event and Student Advisory Board.


Greek Council

Greek fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s belly-flop contest was such a success that SAE is planning an Alcohol Awareness seminar. Greek Council is also organizing a tailgate party for the Oct. 22 hockey game against UAF in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex.


Travel Board

The Travel Board is hoping to increase the current student travel-grant limit from $300 to $500. Deadlines are Nov. 7 for grants in the fall 2005 semester.


Committee reports

Rules Committee

Rules Committee members will draft new rules for policies concerning use of the USUAA office. Rules acknowledged the office is open to the public, but said a USUAA member should be in the office whenever other people are present. USUAA members should also be given priority for the office’s use.


Finance Committee

A bill was tabled that allocates $350 for the purchase of 25 copies of “Roberts Rules of Order,” the legislative-procedure manual USUAA uses to conduct its meetings. The bill was tabled until the Sept. 30 meeting.


New business

John Roberson, Ashley Hice and Suki Horton successfully petitioned as USUAA senators.


Guest speakers

Bill Spindle, UAA director of business services, said feedback from last year’s Bureaucracy Busters campaign was dominated by 290 student responses about parking. Spindle said the administrative answer to students’ concerns is a new parking-fee proposal, charging every student a lower parking fee regardless of their use of parking facilities. Parking-fee revenue pays for the Seawolf Shuttle, snow removal, path maintenance and People Mover U-Pass services.

Robert Bell, commissioner of post-seconday education, introduced a plan for a new statewide need-based scholarship. Bell said the scholarship will help offset the rising tuition costs in the UA system. Bell also said there are no funds currently allocated to the proposed scholarship, and its success depends on student participation. Bell encouraged USUAA members to lobby the Alaska Legislature for funding, offering to donate money of his own toward the scholarship.

“Even if we only raise $500 and we only help one student, then we’ve still helped one student,” Bell said.