Grubs, guts and glory

It was a puke-tastic evening Sept. 23 as UAA Student Activities put on its own version of the NBC hit “Fear Factor” in the Student Union. Eighteen students competed in grosser than gross games for a grand prize of $500.

Student Activities cooked up numerous disgusting surprises for audience members and contestants. Luke Hodges, a Student Activities program team member, did sound for the event with his nose plugged the whole time.

“I would only do this if I were certain I was going win the $500,” he said.

Before the mayhem began, contestants signed liability forms and vomit bags were passed out to spectators in case they felt the need to gag. Audience members cheered as the group was led into the cafeteria to the tune of Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise.”

For the first scary task, contestants ate habanero peppers until they could eat no more. After the pepper round, the group of 18 contestants was cut in half.

Brenda Belcher, a second-year student, couldn’t handle the spiciness of the peppers and bowed out during the first round.

“If it weren’t for those habaneros, I would have gone all the way,” Belcher said.

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Those who survived the peppers were put to the test in next round. The survivors had to ingest pig brains and uteruses. Just a few of these innards were consumed before the contestants were whittled down to four.

The final four then had to drink a blended concoction of pig snout, clam, lemon juice and buttermilk. The players couldn’t use their hands to get the snouts into the blenders – they had to use their mouths. The raunchiness of the snout shake saw the field reduced to three.

The toughened trio then had to wade in a swimming pool full of mayonnaise, dog food, marshmallows, pickles and human hair while pulling out marbles and plastic spiders.

Freshman Rochelle Angasan, the third-place finisher, was eliminated in the swimming pool round but wasn’t disappointed.

“I think I did a good job. I hung in there,” Angasan said. “I promised myself I would finish every task they gave me and if you think you can do something you can.”

For the final task, Gilmore White and Jay Hughey crawled under a table and stuck their heads into a Plexiglas box. The Student Activities crew then dumped insect-laced sawdust over their heads. The duo had their noses plugged and were given a snorkel to breath with as only the tops of their heads were visible.

Hughey went first and seemed to have no problems. The Student Activities crew pulled the snorkel and it wasn’t long before Hughey couldn’t stand the sensation and pulled out.

White had the advantage of going last and as soon as he passed Hughey’s time the Student Activities workers tapped him on the head to let him know.

White emerged from the mess as the winner with mealworms and other creepy-crawlys stuck to his white tank top. As he went to accept his $500prize amid cheers from his supporters, Gilmore puked on the stage.

Despite the vomit, White said participating in “Fear Factor” was well worth it. While the bugs made him heave, he found some of the other events more challenging.

“The hardest part was either the habaneros or chugging the stuff in the blender,” he said.

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