Green Tea Hot Toddy: A drink for the ill who don’t care

Photo by Heather Hamilton
Photo by Heather Hamilton

Headache, sore throat, body aches and a nose so stuffed up it could reinforce a dam — yep, it’s cold season, and some people have it bad. And bad, of course, is a sugarcoated term for, ”Leave me alone. I think I’m dying.”

Hot toddies are possibly one of the only socially acceptable alcoholic beverages to drink strictly because you’re sick. Its ingredients allegedly help relieve cold symptoms — honey for the throat, lemon for vitamin C. The FDA claims this is inaccurate because of the alcohol content, and they’re probably right. But which cold-suffering, miserable heap of a person really cares about that little detail right now?

Since we’re going to go along with the fallacy that hot toddies actually help relive cold symptoms, this recipe is modified to include green tea, which is full of antioxidants that are supposed to be very good for people.

Put two green tea bags in a large mug and pour in a shot or two of any whiskey. Pour boiling water into the mug until three-quarters of the mug is full. Then, pour in one to two teaspoons of lemon juice to taste one to two tablespoons of honey, depending on how much one actually likes the taste of whiskey. Stir and let the tea steepBREW? for five minutes. Dispose the tea bags and drink up.

If your nose is working, the drink is supposed to smell like spiked honey. I was too plugged up when I tried the recipe to say for sure, though.

The flavor is sweet at first. The strong taste of whiskey is warming, even after the drink has been left to cool. The whiskey flavor doesn’t overpower the honey, but compliments it instead. At the middle of the tongue, the honey fades to the wayside and something earthy and herbal takes over, which is probably the green tea. The type of tea isn’t obvious, but it’s easy to tell that something unique is there. The aftertaste is full of green tea and honey. The whiskey barely leaves a trace other than the tiniest of stings, and it’s very pleasant.

The health nuts probably won’t appreciate supporting an alcoholic beverage in times of illness, but in all honesty, your nose might decongest, and the warm tea and honey might soothe your throat into a lovely numbness for a while. That likely has nothing to do with the whiskey (unfortunately). However, the whiskey will leave behind a sweet, buzzed feeling that, while not medically conducive to recovery, will definitely relieve your headache for a time.

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Do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water if you’re sick, especially if you drink a hot toddy. The alcohol will dehydrate you, and hydration is important for recovery!


Drink: Green Tea Hot Toddy

Ingredients: Green tea bags, honey, whiskey, lemon juice, water

ABV: 40%

Rating: 4