‘Green Naugahyde’ an uncertain release

After nearly ten years, Primus is back and weirder than ever. With their trademark sing-song vocals and funky bass infused sound, infections grooves lie ahead. However, long time fans may not enjoy the album fully. It’s clearly experimental, which is strange, because with a band like Primus, it’s hard to not be anything but, right? Wrong.

From the outset of “Hennepin Crawler,” you know the boys are back in action. Still, it seems that they throw more of their funk and weirdness in the mix. It’s one of those things that only a Primus fan can discern from jumpstreet.

They still have their infections songs like “Last Salmon Man,” which they dare you not to have fester in your brain and surrender yourself the crazy bass and bizarre guitar. Also, “Lee Van Cleef” is delieciously strange. Basically, if you have grown up on old Spaghetti Westerns or seen anything where Clint Eastwood goes by “Blondie,” you’ve seen Lee Van Cleef. It’s a bizarre song that only Primus can give us.

They have more commentary this time around with “Moron TV” and “Eternal Consumption Engine,” Which isn’t a bad thing, it just feels out of place with a Primus album.

If you love Primus, you’ll be in heaven. If you are a new Primus fan, you’ll not really enjoy the breadth of what’s going on. Just try not feel a bit alienated, but keep in mind, it’s still a solid album, and given time it will grow on you.

3 stars.