Green Fee: It’s your money, spend it

Our voice was heard.

The student body collectively decided to add $3 to student fees for those taking three or more credit hours in the November 2011 general election at UAA.

This is the first semester the university is collecting the fee.

But why would college students vote to pay more fees?

It can be inferred that a majority of voting students felt that green is good because the money is allocated for student-led sustainability projects,

But last year, recruiting efforts to bring students onto the USUAA-led board didn’t yield results until toward the end of the semester.

But now that USUAA has fulfilled their responsibility of staffing the board, it’s time for students to embrace a responsibility of their own and pitch sustainable ideas that can be implemented at the university.

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The pitching process is simple and boils down to the project being practical, affordable and supported by a faculty member or other “expert.”

But to be honest, these projects are about more than personal achievements or making changes at UAA.

This is about Alaska, our home by birth or choice.

It’s the fishing holes, camping trips and wildlife encounters that define our culture.

Every time we flip on a light, gas up our vehicles or type a paper for a class, we are doing our small part to destroy the environment.

This is not to suggest that everyone should throw their cell phones into the ocean and succumb to a conservative Amish lifestyle.

But if we want Alaskan culture to be preserved for the next generation, we’ve got to start somewhere.

We’re already paying for the fee.

So use it.