Greek presence grows at UAA

There is an active and growing Greek presence on the UAA campus. For some people, this growing presence conjures up many old stereotypes and movie depictions such as Animal House, but Greek life on campus is not like the stereotype you might expect to encounter. Yes, we hold social events and have fun developing lifelong friends, yet, there's much more to us.

The Greek organizations on campus seek to enhance the campus environment, enrich the lives of UAA students, encourage scholastic achievement and be a positive force in the community. The four major principles guiding the Greek organizations on campus are scholarship, leadership, philanthropy and friendship.

Academics are an area of pride for the Greeks with the average members' GPA being higher than the average at UAA. We stress academic achievement and success by taking our studies seriously and helping each other reach for the best GPA possible.

There are many ways to gain leadership skills through the Greek system. You can become an officer in the organization of your choice or join Greek Council. Through the projects sponsored by the organization, you will have the chance to organize community service, social and educational events. There are also opportunities available to travel to national leadership conferences to network with students at other campuses and to more fully develop leadership skills. These skills will benefit any student in their chosen career, in community service and in their life.

Another point of pride for the members of the Greek system is their commitment to philanthropy. All the organizations are required to raise money or volunteer time for community groups of their choice. Money has been raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Children's Hospital and other charities.

Greek life is a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends. These new friends will be your brothers or sisters and together you will share many experiences throughout your college career. Your brothers and sisters will challenge you to live with integrity and to meet the high standards and principles of the organization.

If you are thinking about joining an organization on campus, there are two registered fraternities, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and two sororities, Delta Sigma Theta and Sigma Sigma Sigma. A third fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, is currently seeking to become registered on campus. Check them out and decide which one best meets your needs and ideas. You can leave a message for them in their mailboxes in Campus Center room 228 or call the Student Leadership Development office at 786-1371 for more information.