Goth rock band Evanescence gives strong comeback

Gothic rock group Evanescence is back with a new, self-titled album. The album, titled “Evanescence,” is more of their usual introspective piano fueled music, but played a little heavier this time around.

It comes as a bit of a shock when you expect to hear something very specific from a band like Evanescence, and it turns out to be a lot harder than you’re used to. They may have even crossed over to the metal side of the tracks this time around. Couple this with the sweeping piano arrangements, and it creates an epic orchestral feel.

The lead single is the first track on the album, “What You Want.” This track is a big clue to how hard this album is as a whole. It’s also a bit pop-y, which is where they are also moving towards, besides metal. Still, Amy Lee’s vocal range is as impressive as always, shifting from low to high both quickly and strongly.

“My Heart is Broken” is another song that is noteworthy off of the album early on. The dirty guitar rifts feel ready to almost pounce at every turn, bringing the glory of metal with them. Following this track is the fantastic “Erase This,” a track about hearing something about your love, and then not able to forget that lie.

Similar to past Evanescence releases, you could zone out and listen to the album, and it’ll still sound good. Actually listening to the album provides more depth, however. Multiple listens definitely helps the album’s case.

Getting the album is a must for fans, and for those used to the group but not familiar with any songs other than their singles. It’s a good listen, and makes for great study music as well.