Goosefest returns for its third annual celebration


UAA’s campus is constantly bustling with classes and busyness throughout the year and the summertime is no exception. But many activities and events take place to keep the community entertaining and alive, and among them is Goosefest, a music festival presented by Student Activities and Commuter Student Programs.

Goosefest is now in its third year and Savana Hartley, manager of the programming team for Student Activities, says she loves the festival and is excited to see how it turns out.

“The purpose is just to bring fun to campus and just to have something that the school doesn’t put on already. We don’t have a single music event like this,” Hartley said.

While there are a few local bands lined up to play throughout the day, music is not the only attraction during the festival. Many food trucks, vendors and UAA clubs get to participate, hosting games and other activities for the public to get involved in. Guests will be able to get henna tattoos or have their faces painted.

“We have lots of fun games and booths… We try to reach out to all the clubs and the Greek life and we basically give them a booth to run so they get to interact with, like, people and students, and we have food trucks,” Hartley said. “And USUAA, last year they brought a cotton candy machine and we’re pretty sure they’re going to do that again.”

For Ronell Corral, the experience will be a new one, but not because he has never attended.

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Corral worked for Student Activities the last two years and was part of the brains behind the event’s initial development in 2015. With some funds left over in the budget and a shared desire to put together some kind of festival, the team created Goosefest. He says that the process of putting everything together along with seeing the festival grow from its first year to the second have been among his favorite parts about it.

“It’s kind of weird because usually I’m in the loop when it comes to Goosefest but this is my first time coming in as a guest, so I’m hoping that these guys kill it,” Corral said.

Daisy Balavage, an environment and society student, still has the poster advertising last year’s Goosefest up on her wall.

“I really liked the live music,” Balavage said. “The food was good, obviously… I liked that there was some free stuff that you could get, you know, like some Goosefest things and UAA stickers or whatever.”

Balavage plans on attending again this July and recommends it to anyone looking for something to do this summer.

“I’m super excited. The lineup’s pretty good,” Balavage said. “I don’t know all the bands but I know a couple of them… So yeah, it’s fun. I would definitely go.”

Goosefest will be on Saturday, July 22 from 1 – 6 p.m. in the UAA Cuddy Quad. It will be free and open to UAA students and staff, as well as the general public. For more information, including the lineup of musical guests, visit the UAA GooseFest Facebook page.