Good Christian has more questions

I am writing in response to the opinion “One question. One answer” published in the Oct.12 issue of the Northern Light. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I’m happy to say that I’m a good Christian.

The items of drinking, smoking, profanity, pre-marital relations and doing drugs, among other things, are activities that coincide with consequences. I don’t participate in these activities merely because they are against the standards of my religion, but because of the damaging effects they will have on my life and my future.

The idea of just simply “believing” is all that is necessary in this life is the same as just attending class and expecting to get an A. Both require work in order to succeed.

I will admit that I am not perfect; no one is. But I make choices that keep me happy and my future bright. Being a good Christian doesn’t mean that a person can not have a social life. Not to mention, good, tasteful dancing is on my monthly agenda and I sit on the back pew during church every Sunday since it is the warmest part of the chapel.

Being a part of the “in crowd” or the “cool people” shouldn’t be the overall goal of everyone on Earth. People should be more focused on their future and what is going to give them permanent happiness and not just temporary joy. Even if that means that I have to ignore the influences of the social world and be in the “un-cool” crowd, it will be well worth the sacrifice in the end. Now, you have to ask yourself two questions: Are you happy now? And, how long will it last?

Melissa Ayerdis, Biology, junior