Good drink, poor tribute

It’s a geeky week, so here’s a geeky cocktail to whet your appetite: the Batman Cocktail. It’s not a perfect tribute to the Caped Crusader, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Pour a shot of spiced rum, half a shot of coffee liquor and half a shot of vanilla vodka in a shaker with ice and have at it. Strain the solution into a short glass, and carefully pour a layer of root beer over the top. Boom — Batman Cocktail.

The only thing that really hits your nose is the coffee liquor, and that remains the same when you take your first sip. Nothing but coffee-flavor is at the tip, but as it slides back on your tongue, the strong alcoholic flavor of the rum breaks out and leaves a bite at the back of the throat when you swallow. There are small hints of root beer flavors woven in, but the coffee and spiced rum definitely take the lead in this drink; the vanilla vodka is all but invisible to taste, adding only more alcohol to the mix.

There’s enough alcohol in those two shots to get you a bit buzzed, but nothing more (unless you haven’t eaten all day). The drink is extremely rich and heavy though, so it’s sometimes difficult to finish, despite the small serving.

It’s good enough, but an ideal Batman-inspired drink might be better served with a dark chocolate liquor rather than a coffee-flavored one; it would add a more refined, but still rich, quality to the beverage.