Go steep for cheap with the web’s best gear deals

It’s no lie that Alaskans, residents and students alike, adore the outdoors: they choose to make their playground the Last Frontier.  Steep and Cheap, a Web site based out of Salt Lake City’s backcountry.com, is just the way for these college-age addicts of the great outdoors to get their fix with the latest gear technologies and slope-side fashions and still have enough bank left to buy a weekend lift ticket.

According to Steep and Cheap, “We sell premium, core outdoor gear and clothing at prices that are downright criminal. Here’s how it works: Steep and Cheap sells one screamin’ deal at a time until it’s gone. The deals are fat, so they sell out fast. You have to act fast or you’ll miss it, but don’t stress – as soon as one deal sells out, we kick off another. It’s back-to-back deals all day long.”  Steep and Cheap is the ideal outdoor gear shop: quick, painless, inexpensive and right in your lap.

“I’m always monitoring Steep and Cheap,” Matt Davis, UAA student and gear junkie, said. “Their deals are too dank to pass up—it’s the best schwag at the best price,” he said. Many students at UAA share a similar admiration with Davis in regards to the site.  “Pretty soon, Steep and Cheap will be on everyone’s screens in class.  It’ll be the new Facebook,” Davis stated.

Steep and Cheap showcases mega-sale items from bigger sites and offers a variety of adventure sport apparel and equipment.  For example, a pair of Smith ski goggles could be on display for approximately twelve minutes, and then a set of studded bike tires immediately after.  Pedestal items such as kayaks, skis, snow pants, jackets and shoes are in continuous circulation.

“I’ve gotten some really amazing deals from Steep and Cheap since I moved to Anchorage”, Sophia Skolnick, New York University transfer student, said.  “I purchased a lot of stuff that won’t do much in Manhattan, but has been awesome for my backpacking class,” she said.

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Steep and Cheap is the bargain pearl in the overpriced oyster. They turnover a coveted $300 Patagonia shell at REI for $140.  The Web site offers college students an opportunity to feed their adventure frenzy without busting their budgets.  The only thing left to do after that pair of skis has shipped?  Bend those knees and take the fall line.