Glee Club says goodbye to powerhouse voices

The motto of UAA Glee Club is “Voice, Beat, Heart,” which is exactly what the Glee students brought to the UAA Fine Arts building over the weekend.
This club is a well-leveled group — every member brings something to the table in his or her special way. Whether through vocals, beat-boxing, spunk or laughs, every individual lights up the stage.
Several members of the club stood out during the performance. Molly Dieni, an alto in the group, sang several lead songs and surprised the crowd with her powerful vocals. She performed alongside Jean Sacdalan in “I Won’t Let You Go,” a personal favorite in the show.
Austin Rochon, a newer member of the group, sang “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, adding his own spunk to the song.
“What I love most about Glee is no matter what happens, at the end of the day I look around at everyone who is a part of it and I see more than just people I sing with. I see a family of people that I love,” said Austin Rochon, music education major.
For some students, Season 10 with Glee will be their last.
Bijan Welch and Hazel De Los Santos, two of the stars and long-time members of the club, are leaving to focus more on school and graduation.
“It was so hard not to tear up by the end of the concert. I’m tearing up now as we speak. Glee, for the past six seasons I’ve been in, will always be everything to me. My social life revolves around them, and this is where I made all my friends now. I’m definitely going to miss being at rehearsal, leading the dance portion at auditions, seeing new faces and making new memories with each season. I know that we all still keep in touch, even though I won’t be in it anymore, but just being at rehearsal is different from being elsewhere,” said Los Santos, early childhood development and music major.
Bijan Welch has been with the group for four seasons and continuously rocked the house with her powerhouse voice. “One thing that I will miss the most about Glee is the people. They are amazing individuals. They make me want to be a better performer. Their drive and passion have pushed me to excel, and I will always love them for that. It’s sad that I have to leave, but I know that I have gained many friends,” said Welch, who is an English major.
Welch and Los Santos leaving the group will definitely leave holes to be filled, but both are going on to further their educations. Nevertheless, “Voice, Beat, Heart” is a saying that will continue to fit bill for UAA Glee Club.