“Ghost Modern” by Geographer

Treading the ever-blurring line between electronic and alternative music seems to be what Michael Deni, also known as Geographer, does best. The cleverly and relevantly named “Ghost Modern” only dives further into the ocean of ethereal pop tranquility explored on his last two records, “Innocent Ghosts” and “Myth.”

Trying to place Geographer into one genre is like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. There are so many elements to this record that it can be described as more of a sonic collage.

The album cover itself is a perfect visual for the music. It is a collection of hundreds of tiny objects in a halo around a head. Much in the same way, Geographer composed this album from a wide assortment of textures, instruments, sounds and styles. There are varying synthesizers, live drums as well as drum machines, violins, guitar and piano. Weaving itself through these sounds, Deni’s smooth and silky voice breezes along, creating a dreamlike sensation.

The strong opening track, “I’m Ready,” features a shimmering bell-like synthesizer layered with piano and spastic violin marched along by a low, steady drumbeat. “Need” has a similar strong drum pattern, although slower. In the midst of all of the sounds, sometimes the softness of the vocals sounds a bit out of place.

One of the strongest tracks is “Read Your Palm.” It sounds like a summer dream, and is a great example of Geographer’s airy and ephemeral style.