Get the play by play on how to woo a sports fan

When it comes to dating,
there are always those strange
road blocks along the way to
fi nding that perfect someone.
Nonetheless, fi nding fun things to
do with a sports fan should not be
a major detour. Although big time
sports fans may be nonsensically
involved with their favorite teams,
there are plenty of date ideas and
tips to help.
Mix things up
With sports fans, physical
activities are usually a great idea for
a date. In an article published by the
FDA in 1996, it states that a raised
heart rate and sweating is often
a physiological effect associated
with aphrodisiacs. Perfect! So why
not take your sports fan out for an
unconventional sport, like rock
climbing, snowboarding, or.
“Maybe skydiving,” said
sophomore guard Nikki Aiden
of the women’s basketball team
when asked about her idea of a fun
date was.
Sports fans are
romantics too
Maybe the sports fan you’re
falling for is ready for a break
from the constant competition.
Go with the typical dinner and a
movie date or surprise them with
a fun, funky picnic.
“I like to chill when I have free
time, maybe dinner and a movie
date,” said Maria Puricelli of
Seawolf gymnastics.
But hey, throwing in a sports
movie or some touch football at the
park never hurt anybody either.
Go with the obvious
If all else fails, go with the
obvious: any sports fan will of
course love to see a great sporting
event. A semi-pro or pro game
can be the perfect time to get to
know each other during half-time
or lean in close to hear each other
over the noise. Be sure to do the
homework on the chosen sport,
however, to impress the sports
fan with comments like, “Nice hat
trick!” or “What is that ref talking
about? That was all ball!”
If there aren’t any games
available in a surrounding area,
try a sports themed restaurant or
bar with big screens to monitor
some great plays.
“We like watching sports, I
think the sport we watch the most
together is football, because we
both like watching people get hit
and such,” said Seawolf basketball
star Ruby Williams about her and
her fi ancé with a laugh.