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The University of Alaska Anchorage's International Exchange Program allows students to study in more than a dozen countries around the world. For many college students, studying abroad is an opportunity to experience new cultures and gain perspectives and a diversified education.

“Right now we have 30 to 35 UAA students studying all over the world,” said Cecile Mitchell, director of enrollment services at UAA. “We would like to see more people take advantage of the program.”

UAA is part of the Northwest Council on Study Abroad and works with AHA International. NCSA is a consortium of 13 campuses in Alaska, Washington and Oregon that offers study abroad in eight countries. AHA offers study in many more countries.

Some UAA students say they haven't studied abroad because it's too expensive or they don't know another language. Many scholarships, grants and loans can be applied toward study abroad, Mitchell said. UAA's international programs also allow students to visit most countries with no prior knowledge of the language. Many of the universities UAA exchanges with are United States-owned and allow students to take classes in English while still learning that country's language.

“We've had the exchange program now for more than 10 years,” Mitchell said. “Every student who has taken part in the program said it was one of their best college experiences.”

This year's deadline for study abroad beginning next fall is April 1. For more information on UAA's international exchange program, call Mitchell at 786-1558.


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The exchange program allows travel in these cities and countries:

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  • Italy: Siena, Rome and Maccrata
  • England: London
  • France: Angers and Avignon
  • Australia: Melbourne
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Russia: Okhotsk
  • Spain: Oviedo, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Seville, Cadiz and Salamanea
  • Chile: Valdivia
  • Greece: Athens
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Ghana: Accra
  • Germany: Cologne