Gamer’s love connection: Top 10 video game couples

10. Zelda and Link

Zelda, the heroine reincarnated multiple times in the series’ history, and Link the perpetually mute and dashing hero that must save her, have long had to deal with villain Gannondorf’s attempts to rule their world. Through dungeons and death-defying feats, all that Link gets from this relationship is yet another quest to save the world, and the mysterious princess. Still, their love continues to keep them together through the many different games.

9. Mario and Peach

Mario has, for 25 years now, had to save Peach from Bowser in locations ranging from castles, islands and even outer space. The end result is always the same: the plumber saves the damsel in distress. However, the further that Mario has to go, the longer Peach and Mario have to reacquaint themselves; the romance must be there, since Peach is always ready to go back with Mario after each ordeal.

8. Sonic and Amy

It may be easy to think that Sonic avoids Amy, but in the later mythos of the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ franchise, Amy has charmed her way into Sonic’s heart through just being around and keeping his interest up. For the most part, the player has to fill in the blanks, but we all know that they’re a hot thing.

7. Master Chief and Cortana (Halo)

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Who wouldn’t want Master Chief to hook up with data stream Cortana? It seems like a perfect match, considering how much they flirt in the game. With Cortana being in Chief’s head for the first game and through most of the second, Master Chief shows that he can keep his girl protected from an alien threat. Unfortunately, Cortana lacks a tactile body, but the flames are still there.

6. James Raynor and Kerrigan (StarCraft)

James Raynor had a budding romance with Sarah Kerrigan, the ghost telepath from the first game. Unfortunately, she was captured by the alien race known as the Zerg and was hatched by the Overmind to be the genocidal Queen of Blades. When she initially hatched, and for sometime afterward, she hinted at still being sweet on him, which is evident in the numerous times throughout the story she could have crushed him but chose not to.

5. The Lone Wanderer and Nova (Fallout 3)

After a nuclear apocalypse, it can be difficult to find love, but it is possible. There’s an old adage that says that love is where you find it, and you can find in Fallout 3 pretty quickly. There’s a lady-of-the-night, named Nova, in the town of Megaton that, if you talk to regularly throughout the game, will become The Lone Wanderer’s domestic lover. While this takes awhile, it shows that with a little bit of adventuring, one can find love anywhere, even at the end of the world.

4. Isaac Clarke and the Necromorph Hivemind (Dead Space)

Isaac Clarke has had a hard last couple of years. His girlfriend, Nicole was serving on the Planet Cracker Class Starship Ishimura, the one that befell the Necromorph nightmare. It was later revealed that she took her own life to not become a monstrosity. However, the Marker, or the alien piece of hardware that causes the madness and the viral outbreak, was calling to Isaac in the form of Nicole. This kept Isaac sane through his adventure and gave him hope of being together again with his beloved. Unfortunately for him, it was actually the evil Hive Mind beckoning to him through hallucinations and visions, but that doesn’t diminish his love and devotion to his lost lady.

3. GlaDos and The Companion Cube (Portal)

Being captured by a robotic super computer with a penchant for baking and science leaves little time for romantic pursuits. The Companion Cube fills this void, if only for the simple fact that it’s the only thing that doesn’t want something from the player. It’s more or less the only thing in the game that lets the player personify something, which may leave room for some companionship at the very least.

2. Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago (Gears of War)

One can hint at the bromantic implications between Marcus and Dominic, with Dominic finding that his wife has been tortured to death by the Locust Horde. Still, Marcus seems to be uncannily plugged in to what Dominic needs, saying that he’ll understand if Dominic wants to take his revenge or sneak in to the Locust Stronghold. It’s one of the best bromances in gaming, and is the most underplayed.

1. Ryudo and Elena/Milennia (Grandia II)

Ryudo, a mercenary with a cold heart, takes a wrong turn and he ends up having to escort a high priestess to seal away the evils of the world. Unfortunately, the priestess Elena ends up being possessed by the spirit of Milennia, a demonic vixen that takes what she wants. The trick is that she’ll appear when Elena becomes too weak to stay awake. Another way to determine who is in control of the body is the fact that Elena is very conservative, and Milennia is anything but. Throughout the adventure, there is a give and take in the love triangle, but it isn’t fully explained until the end.

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