Frequently asked questions about the Student Health Center

1. What is the Student Health Center and who can use it?

The Student Health Center is an outpatient facility that opened during the fall semester of 1991 as the result of a student initiative for health services on campus. The role of the Student Health Center is to empower students to make educated decisions regarding their health care needs and health status. The Student Health Center provides low-cost, easily accessible, confidential, quality health care to students at UAA.

Students who are registered for six or more credits and have paid the Student Health Center fee are eligible for services.


2. What kinds of services are offered at the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center offers a wide variety of services similar to a family practice clinic. Preventive services include physical exams, immunizations, travel counseling, birth control services, Pap smears for women, and TB skin testing. Providers also diagnose and treat illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, skin conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, and minor injuries. We also offer full laboratory services for blood tests, strep screens, pregnancy tests, and urine checks. X-rays are available off-site at a local diagnostic center.

The Student Health Center also offers mental health Services. Counseling at the Student Health Center is based on the philosophy of empowering you to discover your own strengths and resources to enable you to reach your highest potential. A variety of counseling methods are used and medication may also be prescribed to treat diagnosable conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health disorders.


3. How much do services cost?

Some of the services offered at the Student Health Center are free. There is no charge for an office visit. TB skin tests are free. HIV tests are free. Basic physical examinations are free. Your first mental health visit is free. All lab, x-ray, and procedures are provided at greatly reduced cost. For example, a test for strep throat costs $8, a pregnancy test is $8, and one-month supply of birth control pills is $6. The Student Health Center also offers many medications at greatly reduced prices.

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Comparisons of SHC vs. community health costs are as follows:

Services SHC Community

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  • Routine Office Visit -0- $75-150/visit
  • Strep Throat Screen $8 $18-25
  • Pregnancy Test $8 $18-25
  • Metabolic Profile/Lipids-Cholesterol $12 $25-50
  • Women's Annual Exam $53 $95-150
  • Birth Control Pills $6 $22-26/pack
  • Physical Exam – brief -0- $25-35
  • Hepatitis B immunizations $32 each $68 plus admin fee
  • Mental Health Counseling $10 $90-150/hr


4. What if I already have a health-care provider?

You can still use the Student Health Center to save money! For example, if your doctor wants you to have your blood drawn for a general chemistry panel, get it done here. A basic metabolic panel and lipid panel is only $12 through the Student Health Center. You can take the results back to your own health care provider. For another example, if you want to have your Pap smear done elsewhere and bring a copy of the results here, you can get birth control pills for only $6 a month.


5. Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are encouraged to ensure that a practitioner is available to see you when you want to be seen. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait if you walk in at the same time as everybody else! Same day appointments are usually available for acute care needs.

If you have any questions about the Student Health Center, give us a call at 786-4040.