Forum Questions for Assembly Candidates

Forum Questions:

1.What is the biggest problem facing Anchorage?

Gutierrez: need for energy: “Could be positioned to be a global leader”

Tombley: Long term fiscal sustainability, and finding ways for IT upgrades that improve efficiency.

2. How feel about red roof inn housing project?

*Private social agency wants motel between Fifth and Sixth avenues along Karluk Street to be home for street alcoholics.

Flynn: Poor location, needs to be in lower traffic area, but city does require this experimental model.

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Alleva: this project allows for inebriant to continue drinking; morally wrong.

3. Would you support equal rights ordinance for the LGBT community.

Vazquez: state supreme court should decide; in the end need to respect life styles.

Olsen: Long and short answer is yes

Drummond: Actions while on school district shows that supports equal rights for everyone.

4. Should guns be allowed on the UAA campus?

Bronson: yes, trust college students as well to handle responsibly.

Grey-Jackson: Can’t answer, would have to give more thought.

5. Dimond Library was closed despite 11 million dollar surplus, do you agree with its closure and should it be re-opened?

Birch: Did support mayor’s proposal, especially for an express model. “Cautiously optimistic” that will implement elsewhere in south Anchorage.

Kenny: Decide what model you want before you close it down. Closing a library in general is complete nonsense.

6. How to handle the homeless?

Trombey: Grandpa told me stories of homeless during WW2. Faith-based initiatives are the way to go. Far more effective than the government model.

Guiterrez: No simple solution because no one homeless person. Find ways to address individual needs. Housing First model is one good model.

7. How many voters would it take to make you change your mind?

Alleva: one with an intelligent answer.

Flynn: Can pick no number, depends on issue. I recently received about 100 e-mails from residents trying to breed chickens in their yards, hadn’t thought about issue before this.

8. What would you do differently if voted in?

Olsen: Anchorage is generally on right course now; will have to see how assembly operates then with feed back from constitutes will decide.

Vasquez: Change status quo. Not vote for expensive labor contracts. Schools and city should consolidate basic services, like maintenance services, bus depots and print shops.

(Incumbent) Drummond: stay in all community council meetings and listen to people in district and all over town.

9. What in your background qualifies you for this position?

Birch: Community counselor chairman for mid hillside community. 10 years on Chugiach electric board. 6 years in Fairbanks government.

Kenny: 35 years in Anchorage, a steward for 17 years. Worked in highest levels of oil industry determining contracts. Oversaw wealth fare trust of 25 million dollars.

10. What is your position on the House Bill from Karl Gotto that would restrict unions similar to that in Wisconsin

Jackson: This is a working person’s nightmare. Why would anyone in the country want to dampen salaries?

Bronson: I am card union carrier, everyone has right to bargain. In Wisconsin the process became out of control.

11. What would you do to prepare for a natural disaster?

Urquidi: Get information out; federal government will not give respond for at least 3 days. Everyone should know basic first aid, everyone needs to help like they did in Japan.

Lupo: Eagle River center operating system currently unmanned. I volunteered and Sullivan said city didn’t the have budget. There is one in Anchorage, but we need to cover Eagle River.


Audience Questions:

To Gutierrez: are you a fiscal conservative?

We currently spend too much and this year we’ve saved 7 million

To Birch: From what source did you say 108 million (25 percent) goes to the ASD budget?

From Bob Griffen, and that figure is over 10 years.

To Vasquez: will you vote based on your beliefs or of your delegates?

Must represent specific section of city; consider above all else what benefits tax payers.

To Flynn: Do you know how much bus fares are?


To Urquidi: Are municipal employees overpaid?

Paid about right, benefit packages too much.

To Kenny: How balance union and individual tax payers need?

That question assumes that union members are not taxpayers.