For a healthy semester

“The misdirected, confused and wasted energy of everyday human life is, without a doubt, the most tragic and amusing scene in all nature.” |

-Black Elk Medicine Man

You have been working hard, studying diligently, paying attention to your health and looking forward to a full happy life. You have been planning to start an exercise program for quite a while, maybe you have even succeeded a few times, but lack of time, knowledge and motivation contributed to failure.

Now is the beginning of a new semester, a good time for new changes and challenges. How about making an exercise program one of them? There is a philosophy based on Eastern thought that says, “Success goes to the man who gets up just one more time than he falls.”

We all know that as the semester progresses, stress levels rise and time becomes an obvious reason for finding priorities other than exercise. Here is my advice: Don't think about it now, don't set yourself up for failure. Exercise is a powerful tool that can become addictive. It helps free the body's self-regulating, healing, regenerating powers giving us voluntary control over biological processes.

Being active rewards you with the balance of health, vigor and vitality, along with a splash of vanity. It's a well known fact that training sharpens our minds, boosts our metabolism, stifles fatigue and improves our mood.

Physical training should be the foundation of all spheres in life. It teaches control and self-discipline that we can use to achieve goals in any field or endeavor. So please, start investing in the physical activity now and the payoff will exceed all expectations.

congratulations from UPD to UAA graduates
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In future articles you will find interesting information on training and nutrition, student responses and field expert recommendations. You will find out how you can build more muscle by training less and how to lose fat by eating more. I will do my best to give you some educational information about vitamins, the benefits of beer and wine, the many sides of truth behind the effects of sugar and much more.

Failure isn't important—recovery from that failure is.

Elena Trousevskaya is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor at UAA.