Foam rave attracts youth, steals dance crowd

Only 32 people showed up for the '70s Retro Dance at UAA on Friday. Instead, a new age generation of the twenty first century, including, candy kids, ravers, and borderline exotic dancers, got their dose of foam at the Foam Rave held at the Old Fireweed Theatre.

Glow sticks, sold at the door for dancers, were ready to interact in the light show that could possibly cause seizures. Youngsters ranging from early teens to adults of twenty years and older came rolling through the doors onto the packed foam covered dance floor. House music, coordinated by a DJ, never missed a beat and blared repeatedly from large thumping speakers on a stage facing the crowd of 100 plus.

Bright colored lights cut through the darkness like laser beams and moving designs flashed on the walls of the theatre. Large foam machines dispensed foam onto gangs of kids excited to get covered with foam from head to toe. Energetic dancers spun their glow sticks around in circles as fast as they could to create an illusion psychedelic in proportion. Platforms on both sides of the theatre allowed bold booty shakers to stand up from more of a bird's eye view.            Of this new generation of grinders, some sucked on pacifiers dancing in transient trances, clenching tightly to the straps of their bright colored back packs. Others, in glee, showed their teeth that revealed miniature glow sticks in their mouths. The more artistic raver could be found with designs painted on their faces and bodies. The rave endured through the night continuing until 5 a.m., when the doors were scheduled to close.