Florence and the Machine’s new album: Easy to tune out, worth the ceremony

“Florence + The Machine” are an interesting band that mixes opera, blues, orchestral music, and pop from the 60s. And harps. Lots and lots of harps. Listening to it reminds one of an epic revelation in a film, maybe a Bollywood film, or some kind of European film. Anyway, the production is great, but its easy to tune out into the background.

Which is almost criminal, because Florence’s voice is absolutely breathtaking, and she very much has a powerhouse voice that makes you feel like you could take on the world, wrestle with the deity of your choice, and win. Her range is insanely impressive, and it’s just a shame that sometimes she gets drowned out by the piano or the bombastic drums.

“Seven Devils” is one of those tracks that mixes all of these elements and just…works. The introspective piano, and the slow plodding bass is positively orgasmic in the way it is arranged. The chorus of “Seven Devils all around yooooo~” doesn’t catch you, you may not be allowed to call yourself a human.

“Lover to Lover” mixes that old piano style and the tambourine with just a right amount of soul. Scratch that, too much soul, Florence has got soul in spades, and it shows. Even with the light synth work, it’s fantastic.

If only the album wasn’t so easy to tune out, it would have been great. It’s a blessing and a curse, in a way. On the one hand, it’s good that it can sooth you, and on the other, it’s not because trying to listen to the album for it’s lyrical content is tricky at times because the production gets in the way of her voice. Alas, hopefully this album will be heard by those can appreciate in the age of singles and easily digested pop hooks.


ALBUM: “Ceremonials”

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ARTIST: Florence + The Machine


RELEASE DATE: November 1st, 2011