Flight prices drop in annual PFD sale

Many local travelers wait for PFD season to snag cheap airline tickets in desire to escape the last frontier. This year was no different. Alaska Airlines is known for great deals on flights year round, but the annual PFD sales are a game changer for many hopeful passengers.

Since Permanent Fund dividends are deposited into Alaskan bank accounts when the temperature begins dropping, many locals crave sunshine. The brisk weather makes a big impact on ticket sales.

“The most bought tickets this year were to destinations in Mexico, everybody wants to get to the warmth,” Tom Kemp, an Alaska Airlines representative said.

It is no surprise that residents are eager to avoid Alaskan winters. This includes UAA students. Although most college students are on a tight budget, some can’t refuse spending a little of their PFD — especially if it temporarily gets them out of Alaska.

“Even though it was a last minute trip, the ticket prices were cheaper than before PFD season came around. So I just did it,” Tabitha Morgan, a physical education student said who recently traveled to Salt Lake City thanks to her PFD.

Morgan flew with Alaska Airlines over competing airlines because of the benefits Alaska Airlines offers.

“I like flying with Alaska [Airlines] because I am a member of the air-mileage program — and that’s on top of the affordable ticket sales. That’s why I always fly Alaska,” Morgan said.

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PFD season is a great time of year for Alaska Airlines. With significantly cheaper flight prices than competing airlines, residents are urged to fly with Alaska.

Sales like these make Alaska Airlines a go-to for Alaskan travelers, especially for those that receive PFD’s. This creates an issue for other airlines, like Alaska’s biggest competitor, Delta Airlines.

“We can price match on external booking sources like Expedia, but unfortunately we cannot price match Alaska’s flights during their sale,” Kayan Yan, a Delta Airlines representative said.

This means PFD season is very much in Alaska Airlines’ favor. Alaska residents aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Permanent Fund dividends. These sale prices are recorded from Alaska Air. Flight tickets are currently cheaper than competing airlines including Delta Airlines, United Air and Virgin America.

Alaskans are also encouraged to sign up for Alaska’s Club 49 Program, a free Mileage plan that offers additional benefits for Alaska residents. Members are provided two free checked bags per traveler on flights to and from Alaska, weekly fare sales and discounts on flights to over 800 destinations around the globe.

The PFD sale is valid for almost any flight Alaska Airlines flies to, including the lower 48, Hawaii and Mexico. The low fares are available for booking Oct. 15 to May 24, 2017. This is a wise time of year to plan for travels.

PFD sales on flights with Alaska Airlines are coming to a close this season, but low prices on airline tickets continue long after the PFD sale.